Building Systems, Inc.

"We build our reputation from the ground up..."

Highlighting the diverse operations of Building Systems, Inc.
Site Work Division
     Our site work division maintains a fleet of fully serviced and operational equipment that can perform numerous excavating and lifting scopes of work. We are proud to have in operation excavators both mini and full size units that work with our field team members to excavate trenches for piping, utility lines, footings, crawl spaces, full basement areas as well as retaining wall construction. Our fleet includes dozers that can grade sites ranging from small trench backfilling to large sites including shaping of grades for swales and water run off as well as Storm Management Ponds.
     Our tractor with low-boy trailer transports machinery from job to job on daily or sometimes hourly basis as needed.  Skid steers and backhoes are put into service on projects as well.  There are (2) dump trucks that are in operation moving materials for projects as well as trailering our equipment.  This division allows our team to be self-supportive on projects where it makes good sense for us to perform this type of work. 

Field Layout, Control Point Layout Division
BSI owns and maintains a “Total Station” GPS type surveying package of equipment that allows us to use our own Team Members to do all of our site layout for our projects.  This layout work includes things like setting of grades, establishing locations and elevations for all underground pipe work, developing Storm Water Management ponds and underground collection sites, layout of curbing and paving areas, setting up of building corners for excavation and offsets.

One of our keys to success on the projects we work on is the careful and exact layout work we provide for footing pin points, bearing point layout for structural steel, critical elevation set points and monitoring of those elevations during the construction of the footings.  This effort spent early on in the construction process pays off when the super structure shows up to be erected and all of our points and elevations have been laid out correctly. 

Concrete Division
This crew of Team Members is a highly efficient and self-supporting division.   Our Concrete division will form and pour concrete foundations, bearing pads, column piers and other foundation needs on our projects.  This crew will install all rebar as well.   Installation of flat work concrete is a specialty of this division as well.   Slab on grade pours as well as elevated pours are seamlessly implemented using modern placement equipment and highly skilled team members. 


Welding Division

This division is a niche market for our operation.  We provide small scale welding and bending services for our projects.  This department can bend rebar for foundations, cut and fabricate specialty rebar configurations for footings, pads and column piers as well as specialty column caps and caissons.  Our team members will pre-tie our rebar in our shop so that when the rebar would be delivered to the jobsite, the time savings is recognized during our installation efforts.

Railings, specialty ornamental rail systems as well as hand rails are all fabricated in house thru this division.   Steel lintels and bollards are also cut and fabricated in our shop.   Prime and finish painting complete this delivery system to allow a finished product to be delivered to the jobs. 

Carpentry Division
BSI is proud of our field team members that make up our skilled crafts and carpentry division.  Our model is a true General Contractor model.   We have on our team full time team members, not subcontractors who are able to perform numerous tasks typical to a construction company.   We judge that our unique advantage and difference is that these skilled crafts people are full time BSI team members who have the best interest of BSI at heart on each project they work on.

These team members perform work such as: wood framing, metal stud framing, blocking, layout work, setting of doors and frames, trim carpentry, cabinetry installation, countertop installation, siding and exterior finishes installation, quality installation of windows and wrap up work on projects performing things like setting of appliances, close out and punch list work and final clean up.    Our field team can also perform acoustical ceiling installation, drywall installation and flooring work if needed.  

Service Division

BSI is outfitted with (4) fully stocked and equipped service vans and these service vans are operated by Team Members who specialize in “service call” type operations.  Each service tech will work on and answer up to (4) calls a day for minor repair and small installation type projects.  Our customer base keeps us answering calls and filling out work orders for these minor projects and our team has an organized system in place to respond to these calls. 

We utilize a software system called Manager Plus to track work orders, assign resources, log and categorize tools and equipment used and log materials purchased for the work order.   This greatly assists our Accounts Receivable department in their billing efforts. 

Casework Division
The Casework division is staffed by (4) full time Team members.  Our manufacturing facility is right on the grounds of our corporate headquarters.  We have the capability in house to design and fabricate large custom millworking projects whether that project be built out of wood covered laminate or be a stained wood product.   We have extensive experience building bank teller lines, custom base and wall cabinets, laminate countertops, hospital casework, wardrobe units, storage cabinets, office cubicle cabinets, shelving, bookcases and custom trim pieces. 


Equipment Maintenance Division

Ongoing maintenance and service of tools, equipment and fleet equipment is vital to the success of our operation.   We are proud to have a full time team member that services all of our fleet.   We are capable of completely servicing all equipment and rolling stock to include everything except state inspection.   Our team will replace tires, change oil, change belts, grease and lube all equipment, change tracks on machinery, replace hydrolic hoses, pull brakes and rotors and replace, rebuild truck dumping devices etc...  We’re proud to offer this service and judge that this valued service assists us greatly with reduced downtime on our projects. 

Delivery, Dumpster Movement Division

Our fleet includes a full time truck driver who visits each job almost daily delivering tools, equipment and materials as needed to keep our projects running.   Our field foreman call in their orders the day before, and our delivery team prepares lists and routes for our truck drivers to make their deliveries the next day.  We group deliveries and plan routes in an effort to make our drivers as efficient as possible.  We have a “hook truck” in our fleet that picks up and moves dumpsters from job to job and run rubble to our local landfill.  Our dumpsters are also used to transport bulk materials from the supply house to the jobsites.  Another feature of our “hook truck” operation is the implementation of enclosed tool hopper units.  These Tool Hopper Units are fully enclosed and secured mobile tool units that allow us to place our tools where we need them for the job and also to keep our tools secure during non working hours.   The hook truck attachments also include a flat bed that allows us to use this piece of equipment to deliver our excavating equipment, man lifts, skid steers or other small pieces of equipment.